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Words Without Action: What good is that?

There’s a lot of talk lately. There’s been a lot of talk for awhile.

“We don’t want nationalized healthcare.”

“We want the sanctity of marriage protected.”

“We want to save the lives of the unborn.”

There is nothing wrong with these statements. I agree completely with each of them. I think we need to say these things. We need to fight for what is right.

The problem is, too often we fight with words instead of actions. And as Christians, we are often stepping into the fight to late.

The healthcare debate raging in Washington and in living rooms across America is the latest development of a very old problem.

We are ready protest the government’s involvement now, but where were we when the needs of our neighbors were going unmet?

As Christians, where were we when the elderly lady in the pew next to us lost all her teeth because she couldn’t go to the dentist? Where were we when the family had to sell their house after the dad died of cancer? Where were we when the man down the street lost his jo…