Of Green and Dogwood

I got to take a drive this morning.

Though the excursion wasn't intended to be a pleasure trip, the drive along the outskirts of town was absolutely breathtaking. I hadn't been out of town much for the last couple weeks, so I hadn't seen the hills since they started to turn green or the dogwood in full bloom.

I wish I had had a camera. But I didn't. This picture my sister recently took of some dogwood will have to suffice.

Photo by Southern Grace Photography

The flowers appear on the earth,
     the time of singing has come,
and the voice of the ... dove
     is heard in our land.
(Song of Solomon 2:12 ESV)

I love springtime in the Ozarks. 


  1. Song of Solomon! God has been calling my heart to read it lately :)

    Thanks for the post, lovely.


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