Romance Novel's: Mystery or Mirage?

The late afternoon sun streamed through the saloon windows as Mandy tried to scrub the grime off of the worn and haggard bar. She was tired – tired of dust, beer, and men who watched her with hungry eyes. She would leave this town if she could, but her meager savings wouldn’t get her more than a few miles of passage on a stage coach.

Just then, the door swung open and she felt as much as heard the determined gait coming towards her. The heavy boots halted their advance in front of the bar, but she didn’t look up until he spoke. When she did, her throat caught in a small, unconscious gasp. Her eyes took in the stranger in an instant: the tall, strong build; the curly, slightly overgrown black hair; the handsome face set in a chiseled jaw. But it was his eyes that drew her – sky-blue eyes that told her that he was different from the others. “Pardon me?” she stammered.

The voice that answered was deep in both tone and feeling. “Excuse me, ma’am. My name is Garner Wells. I’m the new minister.”

At this point in the story, half way through the first page, you already know how it’s going to end. Mandy and Garner will fall in love, be separated by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, begin to loose hope, be reunited, and then live happily ever after...

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