Choose to Make Marriage a Priority

It was during the spring of my sophomore year in college that I first read Candice Watters’ Get Married. God had recently begun a work in my life, challenging me to rethink my views of marriage and singleness.

Watters’ words were in turns encouraging, challenging, and convicting. One passage in particular stood out to me then and has since often returned to my mind as I have struggled to balance my priorities.

Even women who deeply desire marriage find themselves pouring themselves into their life as a single woman with little thought or planning for their future as a married one. They’re hard at work on their careers and financial goals—their “Plan B” as many call it—just in case Plan A is delayed or never happens. It’s understandable, and in our culture, praised, to make the most of your singleness … But as a wise friend told me, “When Plan B gets all the attention, it becomes Plan A"...

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