Travel Light

I’ve had a box of “keepsakes” for as long as I can remember. Before I was even born, my parents began saving memorable odds-and-ends from special events in my life… cards received at my baby shower, bits of wrapping paper from my presents.

Once I was born, the box grew. Baby clothes and blankets were nestled with favorite toys and first stories written for school. I began adding to these as a girl with my own hodge-podge mix of memorabilia — programs from community theater productions, ribbons from the county fair, and trinkets that caught my attention at local craft shows.

What began as one box became an oversized stack of eight mismatched cardboard and plastic containers. Now, as my family prepares to move to a house across town, I’ve decided it’s time to downsize. It simply isn’t feasible to cart around this load for the rest of my life...

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