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Seek Ye First

“Don’t make marriage an idol.”

We’ve all heard this cautionary statement — some of us more often than others. Though usually meant well, too many of these admonitions can leave singles fearful, as Candice Watters discusses in her book Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen.

It seems anytime someone writes or preaches about marriage to singles, they start with the caveat that wanting marriage is good “as long as you don’t make an idol out of it"...
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The Gospel Sketched by Scot McKnight

From Scot McKnight's The King Jesus Gospel:

The Gospel Sketched

It's time now to put this entire gospel together in a way more completely than I did in the previous chapter. There is no way to reduce this to four points, and there is also no way to sketch the gospel in a minute or two. To grasp the gospel we have to grasp what God is doing in this world, and that means we've got a story to tell...

In the beginning God. In the beginning God created everything we see and some things we can't yet see. In the beginning God turned what existed into a cosmic temple. In the beginning God made two Eikons, Adam and Eve. In the beginning God gave Adam and Eve one simple task: to govern this world on God's behalf.

But Adam and Eve thought better and usurped God's prerogative. They usurped the rule of God in this world and, instead of listening to the good word of God, they listened to the serpent and to themselves and ruined their opportunity to govern as God's co-gove…

Choosing God's Perspective

I opened my eyes, lazily surveying the edge of my pillow before closing them again. Morning. It was morning.

I turned over and pulled my blankets up over my face as I tried to push away the thoughts that rumbled into my conciousnes, threatening to crowd out slumber's peace. Yet, just as the weight of reality and life's big and small disappointments began to settle over my heart, something happened unusual happened. It was almost as if I heard him whisper.

What if you are looking at it all the wrong way?

Loving Their "No"

Jane Smith
Doesn’t like saying, “No,” to friends. Sigh.
Jane spoke for many with her Facebook status update last week. I certainly could relate. Even though I know it’s important to have good boundaries, I still struggle to say “no” sometimes – especially to people I care about.

People who struggle with saying “no” need to be reminded that those who really love you will love your “no” as much as your “yes.” As Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13:5, real love “does not insist on its own way.”

Those of us on the path to marriage need to become people who can graciously accept the word “no.” The ability to love another person’s boundaries is a crucial skill for building a healthy marriage as well as an important aspect of Christian maturity...
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Tears for a Song

This song came on the radio tonight and made me cry. I've heard it a thousand times. You probably have too. But it's just been one of those weeks...or months...or years...

It might be cliche, but sometimes I need to be reminded to face the clouds and not give up on silver linings.

Here's Kutless' "What Faith Can Do."

Suffering and the Path to Marriage

The Lenten season began February 22nd and lasts 46 days. The Gospel Coalition’s Trevin Waxwrites that Lent is “a time of reflection upon the sufferings of Christ. It is a season of repentance, a time of dying to self that anticipates new life on the other side, just like the last days of winter anticipate the arrival of Spring.” Historically, this is the darkest season of the Christian calendar.

In keeping with the season, my church’s sermon a couple of weeks ago focused on the sufferings of Christ’s followers. One of the key passages came from 1 Peter: “But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed” (1 Peter 3:14a ESV)...
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A Glimpse: Tossed by the Wind

The Branson Landing, after the storm.