Understanding the Male Mind

I’ve never been a big fan of what my family calls “man movies.” I’ve struggled to understand how some men can be so entertained by explosions, shoot-outs, and stupid humor. While my dad and brothers are sitting on the edge of their seats, I often find myself bored senseless — usually I give up and get a book.

I remember when one of my favorite English professors spoke about watching movies with his son. As he rattled off some titles, I was somewhat stunned. He has one of the finest minds I’ve ever encountered. I could have seen him enjoying Braveheart or The Book of Elieven, but Live Free or Die Hard and Dumb and Dumber? Really? I chalked it up as one of the great mysteries of life.

Then I read Gary Thomas’ Sacred Influence last year. His chapter titled “Understanding the Male Mind” was very enlightening, to say the least...

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