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A Glimpse: Faith and Reason

Biola was a sponsor for last weekend's On Guard Conference. I visited their table. It was beautiful. 

We All Want To Be Loved

I finally got around to reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz this summer. I know, I know — I’m behind the times. It feels rather like I’m one of the last Millennial Christians to discover Miller’s work and to enjoy his fresh look at old truths.

Last night I read Chapter 13, titled “Romance: Meeting Girls Is Easy.” I found Miller’s exploration thought provoking, particularly his recounting of a discussion he had one night while sitting on the roof with his friend Paul. Here is an excerpt:

“It isn’t what you think it is, Don.” Paul takes his gaze from the city and eyes the pipe in his hand. He turns it over and taps the top ash onto the roof, rolling the embers under his sneakers. “What isn’t?” “Marriage.” He looks me in the eye. “It isn’t fulfilling in the way you think it is.”
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It's after midnight. I sit slumped on the couch, feeling the cool relief of the summer night being pulled in through the open window behind me. I could pretend the breeze was real if I didn't hear the low growl of the whole-house fan swirling down the hall. But it doesn't matter. The artificial breeze feels good.

I can relax. Almost.

Did I get enough done today?

So it starts, the mental cataloging of the day's tasks, assigning them arbitrary weights of value, deciphering where the minutes went.

And like always, the answer comes from within, deep down like a failure I'm trying to forget.

A Glimpse: Summer Toes

Turquoise -- because I felt like it.

Honor One Another

We live in a dehumanizing culture.

Naturalism and materialism have reduced the soul to a series of chemical processes. The basic difference between man and animal is a couple chromosomes and a few millennia. Life itself is the product of random chance.

The world promotes a low view of who we are, and it shows up in the way we treat each other. Sadly, Christians often get caught in the cultural tide.

But who are we — really?

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Read Before You Initiate

You know that perplexing moment when you realize your match wrote to you without reading your profile? So many questions buzz through your mind.

Why has he contacted me if he doesn’t care about finding out what I have to say?

If he doesn’t have time to read through my profile, does he really have time for a relationship?

If it wasn’t worth the effort to read my profile, why is it worth the effort to correspond? Is he even reading my messages?

Something tells me this guy is a bad listener.
The whole situation is confusing...

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Love and Liturgy

For centuries, our understanding of worship has been influenced by observing the way lovers adore one another. New Testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham N.T. Wright, in his book After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, discusses how our understandings of both liturgy and romantic love can inform one another...

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