We All Want To Be Loved

I finally got around to reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz this summer. I know, I know — I’m behind the times. It feels rather like I’m one of the last Millennial Christians to discover Miller’s work and to enjoy his fresh look at old truths.

Last night I read Chapter 13, titled “Romance: Meeting Girls Is Easy.” I found Miller’s exploration thought provoking, particularly his recounting of a discussion he had one night while sitting on the roof with his friend Paul. Here is an excerpt:

“It isn’t what you think it is, Don.” Paul takes his gaze from the city and eyes the pipe in his hand. He turns it over and taps the top ash onto the roof, rolling the embers under his sneakers.
“What isn’t?”
“Marriage.” He looks me in the eye. “It isn’t fulfilling in the way you think it is.”

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