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Obesity and Attraction

A few weeks ago I came across a Boundless article by Candice Watters titled “Eating for God’s Glory.” Near the beginning of the piece, Watters writes:

I’ve been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. (OK, I can remember being 3 years old, and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t on my mind then. But ever since high school, I’ve felt an urgent need to drop a few “el bees.”)
Oh, how I can relate. When I was about 10 years old, I can remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror and trying to hold my tummy in so I would look thinner in my new one-piece black swimsuit...

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Don't Be A Cheap Date

I never wanted to be one of those spoiled girls. You know — the ones who have to be taken out to fancy restaurants and pampered with expensive gifts, the sort who expect large diamonds. I’ve always found that attitude rather sickening.

Instead, I always wanted to be the kind of girl who is a blessing to the men in her life, the type who gives more than she receives. I’ve worked hard to develop that sort of character. Indeed, I’ve become quite a virtuoso in the art of being low maintenance...

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Fully Thankful Today

Every so often, I’ll come across a blog post or stumble into a conversation about infertility. I’ve read about and listened to the very real and deep pain that pours out of the mouths of would-be mothers. And when I listen or read, my heart aches for these women, and I often say a silent prayer on their behalf.

If I am fully honest, though, compassion is not the only emotion I feel. Along with it, I often feel a touch of frustration...

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A Glimpse: Humming Cutie

We hung up our hummingbird feeder last week.

Counting 1000 Gifts

Eucharisteo -- thanksgiving -- always proceeds the miracle. ~ Ann Voskamp
At my church's women's retreat last February, the book One Thousand Giftscame up in a group discussion.

A couple weeks later, a friend recommended a blog to me called A Holy Experience.

That same day, a different friend posted a link to said blog on Facebook.

I visited the blog and read that day's posting. It fit me -- where I was at and what I was going through. And I realized then it was the author of the book I kept hearing about: One Thousand Gifts.

I thought maybe it was a sign. Now, before you dismiss me as a mystic, this is often how God speaks to me -- through repetition. I haven't quite perfected the skill of knowing it's him the first time he says it.

Good Hygiene is Attractive

Brett and Kate McKay of the Art of Manliness recently posted a column titled “Keep a Regular Grooming and Hygiene Routine.” The post is part of a series that focuses on equipping men to live on their own for the first time. Some of their advice is timeless, though, whether you’re just starting out or have lived on your own for awhile...

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The True Story Behind ‘The Vow’

They met in the fall of 1992. He was placing a telephone order for a sports jacket, and she was the customer service representative on the other end of the line.

Initially, they talked about sports, but they soon realized they shared the same faith. In a world before e-mail and unlimited minutes, their long distance relationship managed to flourish. During their first “in person” visit, they read and discussed portions of the book of Job. They had no idea how faith in the midst of hardship would come to define their relationship...

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