Strengths, Weaknesses, and Couple Complementarity

Last week, I got to catch up with an old friend from college. She spent the summer falling in love, and as we chatted over bowls of soup, she was almost bubbling over with excitement about her courtship.

I like seeing my friend so happy. But more than that, I love hearing how God-orchestrated her relationship has been. God writes beautiful stories in the lives of his people. The process my friend is going through — regardless of how it will end up — has been a witness to what can happen when people submit their lives to God and allow him to write their stories.

During our discussion, my friend told me about a conversation she had with her boyfriend’s parents. One day when they were alone, they asked her to tell them about their son, specifically asking her what his faults were. They told her they thought knowing his weaknesses may be more important than knowing his strengths...

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