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A Glimpse: Breaking Molds

I got my nose pierced this week. I feel so wild now. #breakingthehomeschoolermold 

Resting in God's Faithfulness

I didn’t even blink when I saw yesterday’s date illuminating from the computer screen. I knew it was coming. I anticipated it with an ambiguous sense of hesitance and relief — hesitance because I knew I would be reminded of things I’d rather forget, and relief because I knew I would rest in the temporal distance of a whole year. In some ways, I knew it would feel like getting to turn the final page of a difficult chapter.

On November 14, 2011, I became engaged for the second time in my life. At the time, I felt like God was blessing me for years of hopes deferred.

The sweet touches of contrasting coincidence felt like God’s finger prints on a new love. In August of 2004, I had broken up with my then fiance of two months. Seven years later, almost to the day, I entered into a new relationship. It felt like a sign, like God was giving me the gift of a second chance. This time I thought it would come wrapped up with a happy ending.

It did, but not the sort I expected...

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