Facing Plenty and Hunger

Over they years, I've written extensively about singleness. Growing up in a conservative family and church culture, I was raised to appreciate and desire marriage as a natural part of life. Then I grew up, and I realized that the world doesn't always work the way I thought it did. Instead of being married with a couple of kids, I’m single — a status that has stuck with me consistently whether I kissed dating goodbye or plunged into Biblical dating with gusto.

Of all the circumstances I’ve lived with in life, my singleness has perhaps done the most to teach me about God’s sovereignty. I have choices, and I am called to walk in obedience — but even if I’m honoring marriage and having pure relationships, I’m ultimately dependent on God when it comes to being found a ”good thing” by a godly man (Proverbs 18:22).

Though I've prayed boldly, I've remained unmarried...

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