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Leaning Into Fear

On Feb. 29 last year, a tornado went through Branson, Mo. — my home town — passing within a quarter mile of my family home. While there were no local fatalities attributed to the storm, the damage was severe in some areas.

My younger brother has always been wary of tornadoes. Like most boys in their early teens, he tries to make a good show of bravery. In years past, it helped knowing that bad storms typically skirt our town, with most tornadic activity showing up north or south of our immediate area.

And then last year we had an unseasonably warm winter day, followed by a mild evening where we dozed off feeling the breezy night blow in through open windows. Sleep. And sirens. Waking to jump out of bed and run down to the basement. Waiting in the dark. No electricity. No way of knowing what was going on. Friends in other parts of town texting to tell us a tornado was on the ground somewhere in our little city...

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