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I'm Nobody Very Special

I took a camping trip earlier this week and actually had time to read fiction. The older a get, the more of a treat novels are. Curled up in a hammock, underneath the warm Missouri sun filtered through frolicking oak leaves, I turned my way through the pages of two books in C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia series: The Horse and His Boy and The Silver Chair.

I had never read either of them before. I know, I know -- I really ought to be ashamed. I'm doing my best to catch up, though. The only Narnia book left on my un-read list is The Last Battle, which I plan to start promptly after finishing this blog post and putting some baked oatmeal in the fridge to soak overnight. (I'll post the recipe one of these days. It's a family standby.)

Lewis is a genius. Really. I wish I could have met him. I wonder how many times I've said that? Well, I'll say it again.

Among all the thoughts that I thought and felt while reading my way through his stories, one that struck t…

A Glimpse: It's Snowing

It's been snowing this weekend. Snowing. In May. In Missouri. Haven't seen a sight like this since I lived in north Idaho.

Book Review: ‘The Sacred Search’ by Gary Thomas

What if it’s not about who you marry, but why?

The subtitle of Gary Thomas’ latest book, The Sacred Search, pulls the reader in from the get-go. In many respects, reading the cover of Thomas’ latest book is reminiscent of his previous best-seller “Sacred Marriage,” which asked us the unsettling question, “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?”

But the what if’s of “The Sacred Search” don’t stop there. Flip the book over and the back cover keeps the challenges coming.

What if being in love isn’t a good enough reason to get married?

What if dating isn’t about finding “the one” but about serving the One who loves you most?

Don’t get married until you read this book.

That’s a bold statement for any author to make.

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