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Praying for Marriage

Last week I ran across a Her·meneutics article by Anna Broadway titled “Why I No Longer Pray for a Husband.” I was intrigued, as I had recently discussed this topic with my mom.

Broadway writes about the changing dynamics of her prayers for marriage. She begins by sharing her involvement with a prayer group:

Then a friend forwarded me an e-mail. A small group of people across the country, plus a few outside the States, were fasting and praying each Monday for God to bring marriages to those who desired them, to change and heal men in the ways they needed (but especially around their willingness to commit) and to do the same for women in the areas where we were most broken. To participate, I just had to sign up to receive the weekly e-mail meditations, skip at least one meal on Mondays (though other kinds of abstention were also possible), and pray. I joined them...
Visit Marry Well to read more.

That Sometimes Firework Love

July 4th nights smell like sulfur. They sound like thunder or war.

This year, I listened in the house, thinking about love and fireworks.

There is a love that ignites in a moment, soaring into a ring of fire that fills up the sky. It’s beautiful and bright and original, and life has never been so full of light.

One breath, and it’s gone, leaving the black. You didn't know the world could be so dark.

Wait. Wait for the light to come back. Wait because the dark is terrifying and cold.