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Bitter-Sweet New Year

I put away Christmas yesterday. I tucked up all of the laughter and memories in clear, plastic containers. The house seems darker without the twinkling lights. Somehow, my heart does as well.

And so is the tension of the Christmas season. Throughout the Christian season of Advent we look ahead, basking in sweet anticipation. While we remember the First Coming of Christ, the longing fueled by the season draws our hearts into a position of waiting for the Second. And then, Christmas comes. It’s joyful, beautiful, and already behind us. Christ has come.

And He has not yet come back.

So, we wait — and we accept the tribulation in a world we know He has overcome.

Christmas leaves us with the responsibility go back to life-as-we-know-it, a New Year of death bringing about life. We are left to remember what we have allowed ourselves to forget for a few weeks of hopeful celebration. The sigh of rest lifts, and we must go back to our work.

I have always loved New Year’s Eve. I have tended to …

Single During the Holidays

This morning I read a recent article from Single Roots: “The Struggle of Singleness at Christmas” by Allison Stroud. She begins:

It is hard to write a blog post about being single at the holidays without sounding cynical. I mentioned this to another single friend yesterday at work and he agreed with me. I’m going to do my best here… It’s hard to be single. It’s even harder during the holidays. I don’t think I’ve stated anything new. I’m pretty sure all of us who read Single Roots are thinking the same or have thought the same thing. I’ve tried to narrow it down to why exactly it is so much harder than normal-except for when we go to weddings, but that’s another blog post for another day.
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A Glimpse: Snow, Snow, Snow!

I spent the majority of the last week blissfully snowed in. I haven't seen so much glittering white since my years in north Idaho.