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Thoughts on Hope and Sadness

I sometimes wonder why others don’t see it or feel it. Life is sad. People are hurting. Why aren’t more people sad? But sadness doesn’t sell well, and it doesn’t seem to preach well either. But it’s there. It’s there in our families and ministries. It’s there in our churches and friendships. ~ Jonathan Trotter
I stared at the screen, smarting at the editorial suggestion: “I am not sure about these details. People who don’t know the whole story may wonder what you did wrong to experience these things.”

To tell the truth means to tell it naked, the story unprotected by modesty’s embellishments. I had described uncomfortable truths about the Christian dating scene, and my editor sent reality back. It wouldn’t sell. It may not even be believed. 

The preferred narrative is positive. God doesn’t lead people into pain.

So I took out lines to blur the story, allowing the imagination to smudge hard facts. Things may be bad, but we don't have to know they are that bad.

Isn’t this how we live --…

Wandering 2017: Across the Wide Missouri

We drove out of Them Hills yesterday, as my Grammy used to call the Ozark mountains long after she had left them for good. We went north, driving until the waves of rock became ripples of earth, until the tangled forests gave way to rows of corn and soy. We went until the sky grew bigger than my no-longer-little brother can ever remember seeing it.

There are six of us packed into my mom's Ford Explorer, almost my whole family (excepting the married brother), plus Dolly and Rascal, our mildly neurotic Jack Russell Terriers. Our ten-day tour of the Midwest is going to be an adventure, but if there is one thing my family has always done well, it's adventuring.

The Wordless Year

When 2016 began, I didn't intend to take a year off writing. But I did. As each month folded in on itself, I simply lost the will to fight my mounting writer's block.

The year 2015 had been difficult, ushering unexpected changes into the path I thought I was meant to be walking. Plans faded. Foundations crumbled. Relationships snapped under the pressure of truth. And as 2016 began, I found my thoughts so confused there seemed to be no words that could make sense out of them.

I've written before about disorientation. I just didn't expect it to come so severely into my life once again from such a surprising direction. But it did, and lacking answers to my mind-numbing questions, I found myself unable to write.